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Nice project! I would love to see more of this kind of interactive audiovisual piece. May I ask how you made it? Using RGBDS?

Looks like original GBDK based on gbtoolsid:

Really love all the gameboy sound-art/noise things you've made!


Very surprised to see a game based around Louisiana. Makes me feel a little better now that I live so far away from home.


Hey there!  FYI, for some reason, Windows Defender says that your Atchafalaya.exe contains trojan Win32/Zpevdo.B.  The ROM seems to work fine though.


Hi! Thank you for sharing your concern with me. My understanding is that because of the way it launches the emulator, antivirus software will occasionally flag it as suspicious. I promise it isn't a virus, and I'm looking into ways to build it so that this false positive doesn't happen.


Hey, thanks for the response!  I figured it's not a virus, but I figured you should know that this false positive is happening, though it seems you already do.  Does the EXE just simply launch the emulator with the ROM running?  Or is it a separate Windows build of the software?