A downloadable bayouscape for Windows

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ATCHAFALAYA ARCADE is a homebrew audiovisual performance game for the Game Boy handheld console. Inspired by fond memories of the Louisiana wetlands, Atchafalaya Arcade allows you to improvise chaotic chiptune music on a series of newly designed Game Boy instruments while creating images of abstract bayou pixelscapes.

Atchafalaya Arcade can be played on any device that can run a Game Boy emulator. Simply open it with your emulator of choice.

Atchafalaya Arcade can be played with any number of people. Open the game on multiple devices to jam with your friends, family, loved ones, or complete strangers.

Featuring dual English / Cajun French text, translated by the developer's grandmother.

MOSSHBOARD is a standalone single / demo of Atchafalaya Arcade. You play a bed of moss as it gradually grows inside of your Game Boy.

When left on its own, Mosshboard will grow beyond the bounds of your screen and into the crevices of your Game Boy device. This is perfectly harmless, and is simply Mosshboard's way of expressing its curiosity.

Updated 23 days ago
Release date Dec 03, 2017
Made withIndieCade
Tags8-Bit, Abstract, artgame, Experimental, Game Boy, Instrument, louisiana, Minimalist, Music, weird


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Atchafalaya Arcade - ROM 14 kB
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Mosshboard: An Atchafalaya Arcade Single 32 kB