A downloadable game and poem for Windows and macOS

      3:35 AM 
   I've packed up all I can fit
   To take my home elsewhere
   This house gives me nightmares
   But I need to rest up
   For the trip of a lifetime

For Today, I Breathe Again is a poem and companion game for the Game Boy handheld console.

First published as part of the Meditations Project on January 30th, 2019, this work is a contemplation of past fears, future hopes, and the half-lit hours where they begin to overlap.

The poem can be found in the game's files, or can be downloaded separately.

(CONTENT WARNING: Both the poem and game contain artistic representations of domestic abuse.)

Please be considerate. Due to the autobiographical nature of this work, it may be difficult for me to speak about the game or respond to messages about it.

If this game reminds you of your own relationship or the relationships of your friends, please consider these domestic abuse resources:

National (US):

   A quarter-century ago, I first breathed
   For today, I breathe again


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